One thought on “Some Zoay boxes – Needed

  1. We are saving Electronic Images of *AHMED ZOAY* from HOLLAND,as a condolences to GREAT ARTIST.he himself was LIGHT YEARS away from the Bourgeois of ART and its Aesthetics of Pseudo-intellectual’s,,, a TRUE friend that we will all cherish,till the end of Mankind,,, His Friendship,a strong dictatorial,MADNESS OF ART* for those who knew him well, Those who have only heard are fortunate as he spoke ART, and Lived in Its a surreal dream of a man and his madness,,,on any Given Subject on EARTH ,he could converse with all of them, LIKE a living Saint, as well as posses d by ARGUS LOOK and Midas touch to turn every thing around him like a WORK OF ART, there shall be No Other neither any Compatible person as him, yet he thrived as an ARTIST and compelled ART WORLD in Pakistan to Come down on its KNEES and Kneel to 1*****AHMED ZOAY*****10th of July,,, 2014,born in PUNJAB,1947More details,,,,
    ,In today’s The News:


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